Restful sleep – is the guarantee of health. During sleep, we rest, relax, and recover. Therefore, comfortable, cozy, soft pajama or nightgown is the first step on the way to a strong, healthy sleep. Women and girls who value comfort will love our pajamas with long pants or shorts, T-shirts, or straps.

Or maybe you like nightgowns? Our assortment will delight you, and fashion prints will add a nice frame of mind at bedtime. In addition, here you can find a light robe for an already chosen nightgown.

Are you expecting a baby, or are you already enjoying the first interaction with these tiny hands? Here you will find nightgowns and dresses for those who are still waiting for a little miracle. Nursing mothers will feel comfortable in our button-down models.

We have not forgotten about those who have “magnificent” Rubens’ forms. Here you will find many models with long and short sleeves, nightgowns and home dresses.

Men of all weight categories will look brutal in our pajamas and home suits.

Depending on the season or your preference, you can choose thin or heavy cotton fabrics, or cotton with viscose. And in our robes made of cotton with the addition of plush, you will feel like an aristocrat on vacation. What are the advantages of this or that fabric? Consider cotton, for example.

Cotton is one of the oldest fibers that humans began to produce. Cotton is a natural fiber that is obtained from ripe cotton fruits. The first mentions of this material were made by the Egyptians about 12,000 years ago. The oldest cotton items found were produced over 5,000 years ago. Cotton for production purposes, have been cultivated for the first time in India, which is considered the birthplace of the cotton fabric. In ancient Indian scriptures, it was said that cotton fibers are used for pillows of the Gods, on which sleep helps to find peace and tranquility.In Europe, cotton appeared only in 350 BC. It was brought to Greece from Asia Minor. Then the process of growing this plant was studied in North Africa, Spain and Italy.     

What is so good about cotton products? Everyone knows that 100% cotton textiles (for example, pajamas, cotton towels, bathrobes) create special comfort. How can this be explained?

Cotton has the following properties:

  • good hygroscopicity and air permeability.
  • good tensile strength;
  • softness.

These are the qualities that are required for quality sleepwear and loungewear. Comfortable loungewear made of dense 100% cotton, will give you a feeling of warmth, coziness and comfort.

But, in our online store you will find products not only made from cotton.

Very often viscose is added to cotton. Why? To increase strength, make the appearance more colourful, make it less wrinkled. 

Viscose is a material obtained from natural raw materials by artificial means. Viscose fibers are obtained from wood pulp. The fabric is interesting because it can look like silk, wool or linen. It all depends on how the material was processed. That is why a variety of clothes are made from viscose (T-shirts, nightgowns, tops, dressing gowns).      

Back in 1664, a resident of Foggy Albion, Robert Hook, decided to conduct an entertaining experiment in order to obtain artificial threads that would look like silk. This continued until 1855, when George Audemars, by slowly dipping a needle into a mixture of sticky pulp of bark and rubber, managed to obtain a thread. Almost 30 years later, in 1884, a new technology for producing viscose was patented by the Frenchman Guillier de Chardonnay. It was only in 1891 that the process of creating viscose was improved by the English chemists Charles Cross, Edward Bevan and Clayton Biedle.

The fabric that is obtained from viscose is very pleasant and soft to the touch. Due to its fairly high hygroscopicity, viscose is able to absorb a lot of moisture, so, for example, in comparison with cotton, it absorbs it twice as much. Another clear advantage of viscose is that it does not electrify. The undoubted advantage of the fabric is its naturalness, because it is made from wood. The fabric ratios of 50% or 30% viscose and 50% cotton make our pajamas less wrinkled and more durable.

Avoid synthetic pajamas: throughout the night, the skin will not breathe in it, and as a result, it will sweat even more.

You spend about 8 hours in your pajamas or nightgown every day, so use only natural fabrics.

In summer, you can sleep in light pajamas or extra-long thin cotton T-shirts. In winter, look for thick cotton jersey.

What do you associate with the word plush? That’s right, it is from this material that a teddy bear and other soft toys are made. The plush fabric, pleasant to the touch, gives a feeling of comfort and carefreeness, involuntarily returning to childhood.

Plush is a soft, warm fabric covered with cotton fibers.

Plush fabric has many undeniable advantages due to the composition and structure of the material.

  • High strength.
  • Attractive appearance.
  • Good thermal insulation properties.

That is why our home textiles (loungewear and bathrobes) are so attractive to buyers. In such clothes, you would like to sit by the fireplace with a cup of aromatic, hot coffee or tea, to watch the snowflakes falling outside the window.

Choose only good quality clothes for sleep and at home, update them regularly and do not spare money on yourself. If you are used to sleeping in old, worn out T-shirts, walking around the house in a faded tracksuit, give up this habit! Especially if your significant other is nearby: isn’t he or she worthy to see you in a neat and beautiful outfit day and night?

Love yourself and your loved ones!